VireoXpower is a scalable solution designed to manage renewable power plants. The key objective of VireoXpower is to provide a complete performance analysis module with high level functionality and flexibility in order to optimize energy production.



  • Portfolio fast visualization
  • Auto-playable mode for Monitoring
  • Customizable user profiles by functionalities and associated Power Plants
  • Active Directory compliant
  • 20 years historic data archive

Porfolio Overview

  • Full HTML5 compliant (iOS, OSX, Windows, Android)
  • Active Directory user access
  • Dynamic Map
  • Pinch to zoom on mobile device
  • Fully customizable mimics

Plant Overview

  • Real Time measure, status, alarm
  • BoP Commands (Open, Close, Reset)
  • Plant set-point (Power Limitation)

Mobile Operation

VireoXpower is able to manage users profile to ensure maximum safety in the remote management.
  • Advanced engine able to manage incoming SMS and e-mail
  • Power regulation through sms or e-mail message
  • Plant measures or status can generate events and sends SMS messages

Device Details

  • • Device status and Error Codes
  • • Real Time measures (Power, Wind Speed, etc...)
  • • Active Status / Alarms
  • • Meteo Station details
  • • Stop / Relase to Run
  • • Set Power Regulation limits
  • • Device Dashboard with real time KPI



  • 20 years of historic data available for user customizable trends
  • XLS, PNG export
  • Zoom, span and cursor details


  • Events filtering for plant, device, time range
  • Column sorting and filtering
  • Color high evidence behavior

Wind Analysis

Wind distribution (speed, direction) available for each WTG or aggregated WTGs.

Device Status

Operators can analyze in a single diagram the daily of each device.

Downtime Manager

Downtime cause are automatically assigned for each stop event. Data Management is supported by an operator interface simple and functional through a monthly calendar, where operators can analyze downtime with powerful filtering criteria and validate or change nature and the unavailability cause, such as:
  • Balance of Plant
  • Environment
  • Owner
  • Major force
  • Grid operator
  • Turbine vendor
  • Scheduled


Power Curve

Complete power curves analysis module with:
  • Data filter, wind sector, downtime, limitation exclusion for accurate power curve calculation
  • Nominal, Reference and Raw data visualization
  • WTGs power curves multiple aggregation on one display
  • IEC61400-12 compliance

Detailed WTG Analysis

For each of 12 wind sectors
  • • Power Curve
  • • Wind Rose
  • • Turbolence
  • • Pitch angle vs. Power
  • • Rotor RPM vs. Power
  • • Generator vs. Power
  • • Relative Wind Direction
  • • Yaw misalignment

Fault Inspector

Detailed Fault analysis for components and Error Codes.
  • Occurrency
  • Duration (Avg, Max)
  • Error Rate
  • Error Frequency

Energy Production

  • From fiscal meters
  • From WTG power integration

Availability Technical and Contractual

Availability formulas can be defined and adapted depending on the contracts and type of Power Plant.
  • Technical Availability
  • Contractual Availability for device (Turbine, Inverter, etc..)
  • Contractual Availability for electrical service

Energy Loss (MPE)

Energy Loss due to Limitation (Dispatching Orders).
It is also possibile to analyze IA ("Indice Affidabilità") for Italian Grid Operator refunds.

Artificial Neural Network

Accurate productivity calculation according to environmental data (wind, solar, etc..) is performed by Artificial Neural Network elaboration system.


Maintenance Scheduler

Maintenance scheduler, with the producibility forecast view, permit to define correct planning of each maintenance activities.
A maintenance JOB ORDER, selectable from components library, can be assigned to a specific Team.

Operators can add all Service Reports detail:
  • JOB ORDERS and WORKING REPORTS of Scheduled/Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Report informations with customizable fields, to store detailed informations for each maintenance activity.


Automatic Reports

It is possibile automatically generate and send PDF/XLSX reports via e-mail using scheduling:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • And more...

Excel Reports

Customizable Excel templates.
High performance reporting capability that can be updated to fit specific needs:
  • Events List
  • Availability for each device
  • Availability for whole power plant
  • Energy production
  • Target vs. Budget
  • Fault occurrence

On-Line documentation

For mobile representation of entire asset archive. Users can upload documents and create folders by Web interface.
  • Device Manuals
  • One line diagrams
  • Functional schema