VireoXscada is a powerfull scada for remote control system, based on VireoX technologies, it is really flexible and scalable to satisfy each typeof need: it is developed for Control Room Supervision purpose and can also be used for single Plant first level Scada.

Key objective

The key objective of VireoXscada is to provide a full supervision and control system, for a real-time management of your electrical power plants.

Scalable 5MW up to 10GW

VireoXscada is a scalable solution designed to manage renewable power plants.


  • Client-Server, High Availability and Multi-stations architectures
  • Energy protocol compliance: IEC60870-5-101-103-104, IEC61850 etc..
  • Third system data connection (OPC, XML, ODBC)
  • SMS / e-mail for alarms and remote control management
  • Users and Groups security policies
  • Active Directory profiles management
  • Historical Database based on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Chronological events recording with milliseconds time accuracy
  • MS Excel reports generator
  • KPI management with VireoXpower integration
  • Full-graphics mimics and animated symbols

Electrical Substation

  • Real Time measure, status, alarm and electrical trip
  • Open, Close, and Reset commands
  • Electrical one-line diagram

Power Limitation

  • Automatic set-points for dispatch order (Terna .pdf)
  • Multiple plants power regulation module
  • Real Time feedback notification
  • Warning for fault regulation or underperformance
  • 3G SMS on site regulation modules

Power Plants

  • Grid and Plant diagram
  • Real Time measure, status and alarm
  • Single WTG commands
  • Autopilot and Multiple commands
  • Real Time KPI
  • Error codes and Device Status management

Mobile Operation

VireoXscada is able to manage users profiles to ensure maximum satefy in the remote management.
  • Advanced engine able to manage incoming SMS and e-mail
  • Power regulation through sms or e-mail message
  • Plant measures or status can generate events and sends SMS messages
  • Vocal alarms notification

Alarms and Events

  • Plant, deivce, time range and many other filtering option
  • Alarms acknowledgement
  • Color high evidence behavior


  • Real time and historical trends
  • Multiple pens
  • User customization
  • Zoom, Pan, Filters

Network diagnostic

  • Real time network diagnostic
  • Device connection alarms
  • SNMP, ping test and connection fault detection
  • Database diagnostic informations